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Glutamine Powder 300g
  • Glutamine Powder 300g


    Formula Purposes & Benefits

    Glutamine Powder Shock is synthesized to improve exercise performance, increase muscle protein synthesis, prevent muscle tissue break down, support immunity, gut health, and recovery. Our formula is micronized for purity and contains no fillers, sodium, or other toxic ingredients.

    Our product is synthesized utilizing the latest scientific research and formulated with optimal ratios of branch chain amino acids to produce world class results.

    Our formula is third party independently tested for heavy metals, impurities, made in the USA, GMP certified, and produced in an FDA registered facility. 1% of the supplements on the market can match our world class standards.

    SKU: ROC610
    • Benefits Of Each Ingredient

      Formula Ingredient Deck

      Benefits Of Each Ingredient


      • Most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle that fuels immune cells, improves exercise recovery, and optimizes gut microbiome (18).
      • Vital for lymphocyte (immune cell) proliferation (growth) and paramount in neutrophil (immune cell) destruction of bacteria (18).
      • Vital for activation of genetic signals that support immune function and vitality (18).
      • Glutamine is utilized by immune cells at high rates during catabolic conditions (post-surgery, sepsis, burns, and extreme exercise (18).
    • Proper Use of This Supplement

      Proper Use of This Supplement

      Suggested Use:  Mix one scoop (5g) with juice or a carbohydrate drink.

    • Our Formula Vs Other Formulas on the Market

      Our Formula                        

      Vs Other Formulas on the Market.

      1. Uses third-party independently tested ingredients that are made in the USA, GMP certified, and made in an FDA registered facility.

      1. Source cheap ingredients from heavily polluted soils. Even “organic” supplements not third-party tested have been removed by FDA due to high levels of heavy metals.

      2. Uses micronized glutamine with no fillers or toxic ingredients.

      2. Uses cheap glutamine with fillers and toxic ingredients.

    • Sources

      18. Cruzat, V., Macedo Rogero, M., Noel Keane, K., Curi, R., & Newsholme, P. (2018). Glutamine: Metabolism and Immune Function, Supplementation and Clinical Translation. Nutrients, 10(11), 1564.

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